Cryptocurrency: Buying and selling crypto, made simple


If you haven’t started building a crypto portfolio yet, now is a good time. We recommend Gemini to buy, sell and store crypto. It’s a simple, secure, and reliable exchange, and it offers an app with a number of helpful tools for new investors and advanced traders.

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EBook: Inventory Management Fuels Supply Chain Optimization

This eBook examines the role of inventory management in each step of the supply chain and shares best practices for how businesses can use inventory management to optimize operations.

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EBook: A guide to help handling complex clients and data-heavy audit jobs

In this FREE eBook, learn how to free up more time for staff to build new business and provide new offerings to current clients. Learn how to evolve your firm, grow new business and attract top talent.

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EBook: The Wall Street Journal Tax Guide 2021

This year, tax filings are going to look wildly different for millions of Americans. To help you through this unique tax season, we've partnered with WSJ to bring you their 2021 Tax Guide compiled by trusted WSJ reporters and editors. Navigate a tax season like no other.

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Tools & Technology: Data management software for corporate tax businesses

Bring seamless data connectivity to your team by having all your data at your fingertips so you can spend time on value-added work. Unlock your data's potential. Use and reuse your enhanced data across third-party tax data visualization and analytical tools. 

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Payment Solution: Sign-up by April 30th and receive a $100 processing credit

CPACharge knows how hard you all are working during this tax season. That's why they've decided to extend their special offer to ensure you all get a chance to enjoy a little "tax break" of your own! Open your account by April 30 and get a $100 processing credit.

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EBook: Secrets of Rockstar CFOs

Jack McCollough created this ebook after recognizing that, although each CFO’s path was unique, Rockstar CFOs share many traits. Discover how to build an elite team that aligns with your goals, the best way to network with boards and CFOs, & how to perform cross-functionally while managing tasks.

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Tools & Technology: Industry-leading professional income tax software

Used by the top 100 CPA firms, Thomson Reuters GoSystem Tax RS is the market leader for corporate tax departments.  Highly scalable, it can handle your workflow no matter the size of your firm. The software serves clients filing all return types.

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Tools & Technology: K-1 Analyzer

Thomson Reuters K-1 Analyzer software allows users to quickly extract and aggregate complex non-standard K-1 information so that it can be reviewed and analyzed. K-1 Analyzer provides a single, standard, structured output for managing K-1s.

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Cryptocurrency: Free Crypto Tax eBook

It's no secret that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have broken out in popularity in 2020 and into 2021. You can join over 10,000 tax professionals learning about the tax implications of cryptocurrencies and how to help their clients by downloading this eBook for free! 

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