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Whitepaper: Tax Season Is Here: How to Help Ensure Success

In our white paper, Tax Season is Here: How to Help Ensure Success, our experts explore steps your firm can take today, to make this tax season your best yet. We’ve also compiled other resources to set your firm up for a successful tax season in our Tax Season Resource Center.

Whitepaper: Why your client wants an advisory-centric firm

Today’s accounting clients are seeking your expertise now more than ever before. So how do you transition away from time-consuming compliance tasks to offering higher value advisory services? Learn how to transform your business into an advisory-centric accounting firm.

Webinars: Transformative Technology for Data Management with ONESOURCE

FREE Webinar: What if all your critical business data was stored in one tax data software, ready to be analyzed and easily repurposed wherever you need? Find out how ONESOURCE can enrich your data to provide added value and learn to integrate the ONESOURCE story with your department's tax journey.

Whitepaper: Today’s sales tax challenges demand an integrated approach

Download our white paper to learn more about how you can position your company to stay ahead of sales tax compliance issues and meet new priorities well into the future by teaming up with the right partner to deploy a centralized, fully integrated tax solution.

Webinars: Advising clients on PPP round 2

Join us to learn how you can be more proactive in serving your clients during the second round of PPP and how to take this second-chance opportunity to shape your advisory relationships. We will look at learnings from 2020 and the importance of defining your relationship and value to your clients.

Events: Pre-register for SYNERGY 2021 With Early Discounts

SYNERGY 2021 is back in Nashville, TN, November 3-6 with additional virtual options. Learn, discuss, share, and have fun as you explore the future of tax and accounting with users and experts from around the country. Join us for the event of the year!

Tools & Technology: Get a free trial of Checkpoint Edge for your best tax season yet

Checkpoint Edge delivers the latest in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and machine learning technologies, combined with the tax and accounting expertise of our editorial staff. It enables you to find fast, accurate answers with a more fluid and intuitive user experience.

News: COVID-19 And The Digital Economy

From the 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair decision to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the ever-changing and often disruptive tax landscape is prompting governing authorities to transform their sales tax systems, enact new legislation, and grapple with budget deficits. Couple these events with the tech...

Self-Study: Self Study CPE Courses Now Available

Learn at your own pace with the highest quality self study CPE for CPAs and Enrolled Agents. Checkpoint Learning maintains a robust library of more than 500 self study CPE courses, with 30-50 new courses added each year.

Webinars: Do you have your CPE?

Make sure you're in compliance with your state's CPE requirements well in advance of the deadlines. Check out our live CPE calendar to see webinars running throughout the year.

Whitepaper: What is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting has been tried and tested, and it was brought to the forefront by the accelerated change forced upon tax, accounting and audit firms in 2020. What is cloud accounting, and why does it affect your firm? Here’s what you need to know in order to make an informed decision for your firm.

Books: Federal Tax Regulations, Winter 2021 Edition

All final, temporary and proposed Treasury Regulations are easily accessible with Federal Tax Regulations, a comprehensive, eight-volume desk set. Speed your research with two comprehensive topic indexes, and get a complete picture on Federal Tax Regulatory topics.

Books: The Complete Internal Revenue Code, Winter 2021 Edition

The entire Federal Tax Code, and its complete history, is at your fingertips with the Complete Internal Revenue Code. This convenient, easy-to-use volume provides you with the complete legislative history and a comprehensive topic index to speed your tax research. 

Books: Trusted guidance and tools from PPC Audit & Accounting

Trusted guidance, engagement workflow tools, and integrated quality control system from PPC Audit & Accounting. From preparing financial statements to conducting audits with confidence - get everything you need to make your job easier.

Report: Year-End Tax Planning for 2020

How do the new tax rules enacted due to COVID-19 impact me?  What should we do or not do with assets before year end? What deductions should my businesses plan for now? Ensure you have the answers you need to these questions and more in this handy and time-sensitive special report. 

Books: Build Your Perfect Quickfinder Library

Quickfinder is the quick reference trusted leader over 40 years. Find tax resources and handbooks for efficiency and accuracy, year-round including handbooks on tax compliance, tax planning, small business and so much more. 

Webinars: Payroll tax compliance: 2020 and 2021 legislative update

If you offer payroll services, you won’t want to miss this webcast! Important topics you need to know to prepare for year-end processing will be addressed, plus the latest in federal and state payroll changes and proposals for 2021. 

Webinars: Payroll tax compliance and legislative update

Join us for this free one-hour payroll tax compliance and legislative update, presented by myPay Solutions Chief Compliance Officer, James Paille, CPP. He’ll discuss several topics to prepare for year-end processing, plus the latest in federal and state payroll changes and proposals for 2021.

EBook: ProView eBooks - Quickfinder Customer Favorites

Work from anywhere with your Quickfinder ProView eBooks. Experience our market-leading e-reader technology for your smartphone or tablet to work smarter and faster. The Quickfinder Customer Favorite Libraries are made up of selected titles to help professionals deal with a variety of tax situations.

Whitepaper: 5 tips to make next tax season your best one yet

In Get Ready for Your Best Tax Season Yet our experts examine five important steps you can take, along with actionable insights and key takeaways, to turn 2020 challenges into 2021 opportunities and ensure the upcoming tax season is your best one yet.

Education & CPE: CPE subscription packages

Tired of tackling your CPE compliance piecemeal by taking one-off, individual courses? Our CPE subscription packages were created to meet the learning needs of all tax and accounting professionals. Each package is designed to fit any CPA or EA.

Books: Resources to stay current on U.S. Federal Taxation

Browse and shop RIA tax resources. Check out our most popular products that give you everything you need to keep you up to speed on U.S. Federal Taxation. This includes the Federal Tax Handbook, Federal Tax Coordinator, Complete Internal Revenue Code and more!

Webinars: 2021 Audit Predictions

2020 was rich in challenges for auditors. The global pandemic and its aftermaths have increased audit risks and changed the way audits are conducted in many fundamental ways. Understand how the audit profession is rapidly evolving and the opportunities still ahead. 

Virtual Event: Don’t Miss Our Popular Virtual Advisory Series

Join our experts and guest practitioners for this exclusive six-episode series where we’ll explore the steps you can take now to fully develop a successful advisory practice, become a responsive and trusted partner for your clients. Plus, earn up to 8 CPE credits.

Books: Newly Released Federal Tax Handbook 2021 Edition

Don't miss out on another year of authoritative guidance from Thomson Reuters. The NEW edition includes legislative updates and key information on the latest regulations, rulings, and revenue procedures, as well as precise explanations about changes that could impact your business or your clients.

Books: Customer Favorite PPC Guides - Order Yours Today

Some of our customer favorites include:
  • PPC Guide to Audits of Nonprofit Organizations
  • PPC Guide to Preparing Nonprofit Financial Statements
  • PPC Guide to Audits of Nonpublic Companies
  • PPC Guide to Quality Control 

Webinars: 2020 Year-End Planning — Advising your clients in turbulent times

Year-end planning for 2020 takes place against the backdrop of COVID-19 which has caused changes in the rules for both individuals and businesses. Join us as, Michel Sonnenblick, J.D., LL.M., Senior Editor/Author for Thomson Reuters, discusses year-end planning strategies. 

Webinars: Upgrade your tax workflow from good to great

How does your firm currently manage tax workflows in an increasingly virtual environment, and is there an opportunity to improve your procedures?  Join us for an engaging discussion with Sean Roach & Associates, PC about what they did to upgrade their firm’s workflow technology. 

Webinars: Fixed Fees vs. Value Pricing Models For CPA firms

Many accounting firms are rethinking their pricing models and shifting away from billable hours for a variety of reasons. During this informative webcast, our senior product manager for advisory, Will Hill, will review the nuts and bolts of strategically pricing your firm’s services.

Books: Complete and easy-to-understand answers for solving real-life tax return questions

PPC has been the Gold Standard in tax return preparation and planning guidance for nearly 30 years. View and shop PPC's most popular products including PPC's Guide to Quality Control, PPC's Guide to Preparing Financial Statements, and PPC's Guide to Compilation and Review Engagements.

Webinars: Get expert advice on how to better prepare for your next peer review

Regardless of when your next peer review is happening, every engagement needs to meet the standards. Is your firm executing audit steps using the methodology, technology and forms at the highest level to ensure every engagement passes? 

Webinars: Fraud in the wake of a global pandemic

There are three basic elements to the "fraud triangle" – pressure, opportunity, and rationalization – all of which exist in the current financial climate. Learn more about the types of disaster fraud, common indicators of fraud, and ways you can prevent and mitigate disaster fraud. 

Guide: The Tax and Accounting Professional’s Guide to Everything AI

What does artificial intelligence (AI) mean for tax and accounting professionals? Get your free copy of this new AI master guide and get all your questions answered to effectively implement an AI-enabled solution to help take your firm to the next level of tax and accounting research. 

Books: Quickfinder - Save up to 20% Off!

Quickfinder Handbooks are your quick reference for common tax questions and insights – the easy-to-understand language, charts and tables answer your questions using various examples that highlight real-life situations. Build your own Quickfinder library today and save up to 20%. Limited time offer!

EBook: Overcoming audit workflow, security, and technology challenges

The auditing profession and tax environment are changing at a blistering pace, forcing firms to evolve with advancing technologies. This eBook will help audit & accounting professionals create the environment needed to evolve their firm, grow new business, and attract top talent. 

Whitepaper: Are you seeing these red flags?

Identify the red flags that indicate the need for new tax software, and learn what to do next. Gain expert insights, find what works best for other firms, and learn how to move your firm forward with the technology you need to maximize  efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

Whitepaper: The Four Dimensions of K-1 Aggregation: A Federal Overview

This white paper dives specifically into partnership and LLC investments, and the tax reporting that flows from the Schedule K-1 of Form 1065 issued. This white paper uses a visual, 4D concept to help explain the pain and complexity of K-1 aggregation.

Whitepaper: Three Ways Technology Impacts Your Firm’s Profitability

Is your firm as profitable as it could be? That’s a question you must ask yourself as advancements in technology continue to raise the stakes for tax and accounting firms. To help forward-thinking firms succeed, this free white paper explores three ways technology impacts your firm’s profitability.

Tools & Technology: How cloud technology empowers your firm to move forward fearlessly

Read the 4 myths surrounding cloud auditing and learn the truths. Find out why Thomson Reuters cloud audit suite is your firm’s one-stop solution for even the most intricate auditing needs. This audit technology enables real-time digital collaboration between audit teams and clients.

Virtual Event: Webcast: What 2020 has meant for CPAs and businesses

Join us as we talk with key leaders from Thomson Reuters about business in 2020. Experts will join via chat during the event, to answer questions and discuss topics with attendees. 

Whitepaper: Strategically Pricing Accounting Services

Changing client demands, advancements in technology, and increased competition are giving rise to a new normal in pricing methods within the profession. Should you use value-based pricing or fixed fees? This free white paper will help you determine which pricing model is best for your firm.

Virtual Event: Evolve Your Tax Practice - Exclusive Event

Join our Thomson Reuters experts and guest practitioners for this exclusive six-episode series where we’ll explore the steps you can take now to fully develop a successful advisory practice, become a responsive and trusted partner for your clients, and earn up to 8 CPE credits. Save your "seat"!

Virtual Event: The next generation of CPAs: What they want and why you need them

A new generation means new technology skills, new ideas, and fresh energy that can only help firms grow and thrive. New talent is a great way to start preparing your succession plan or exit strategy. Join as we dive into the why’s and how’s of attracting and retaining new talent.

Virtual Event: Industry Leaders Discussed The Future Of The Profession: Watch Online Now

Unable to attend the event last week? You can still hear from a powerhouse of industry experts, your peers, and Thomson Reuters professionals as they discussed how firms can successfully adapt, thrive, and grow in an ever-changing business landscape. Register now to get the on-demand recording.

Virtual Event: Webcast: CPAs and Working from Home

Join us as we welcome Amy Vetter, CPA, to discuss how tax and accounting professionals can thrive while working remotely. It’s time to refine our methods, develop best practices, and uncover some natural tools for staying connected with clients and colleagues that can last beyond the current crisis. 

Whitepaper: 4 ways to grow your advisory services

Are your clients (and prospects) fully aware of the breadth and depth of advisory services your firm provides? Get tips to grow your advisory service business even in an economic downturn.

Whitepaper: Running your CPA firm remotely? Ensure success for your firm with these tips

Remote tax and accounting work is on the rise. Read this white paper to learn specific steps to take and insights into how you can manage your firm remotely, efficiently and effectively

Webinars: Performing effective and efficient audits

This session is designed to provide an overview of best practices in auditing and how this is enhanced through progressive technologies. They will also share real-world scenarios for how to execute audits in this new environment.

Webinars: What you need to know about COVID-19 and the future for tax and accounting professionals

Raise your hand if you predicted that tax busy season would still be going on in May? Anyone? Glad it's not just us. Since we're all working through our new normal, let's take some time to quickly review how we got here, what it means for you, and what the future holds.

Webinars: Free Webcast: Dealing With Economic Disruption

During this 3-hour virtual event, Will Hill and Paul Miller will review key areas to maintain the health and vitality of your firm, manage your client relationships with compassion, and map out your clients’ paths to healthy survival through the economic downturn. 

Webinars: Webcast For Accounting Firms - How To Deal With Economic Disruption

Economic disruption can magnify the crucial aspects of your advisory-centric relationships. We invite you to tune in online and discover practical steps that you can put into place immediately to help your firm as well as your clients.

Webinars: Not your father’s CPA firm – Advisory as a business model

Making the switch to an advisory business model might be overwhelming - especially in light of recent events - but in the long term, offers the benefit of valuable new income streams and more satisfied clients. Join us for a 45-minute video broadcast, as we discuss the new way forward.

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Amended return opportunities – should you take a second look?

Amended return opportunities – should you take a second look?

Thomson Reuters | November 04, 2020

Retroactive tax relief enacted by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act, 3/17/2020) means taking a second look at returns that were......

Confidence for a Dynamic Future: What’s Next?

Confidence for a Dynamic Future: What’s Next?

Thomson Reuters | June 02, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought major disruptions to nearly every aspect of life, with further impacts yet to be felt. For tax and accounting firms,......

Tips for tax planning for small businesses

Tips for tax planning for small businesses

Thomson Reuters | November 04, 2020

For the second year in a row, taxpayers face massive uncertainty. The COVID-19 emergency presents unique challenges and opportunities and has likely landed your clients......

Three ways COVID-19 and working from home are changing audit practices

Three ways COVID-19 and working from home are changing audit practices

Thomson Reuters | November 03, 2020

So many things have already changed in 2020. The way children go to school, the way we shop for groceries, the way we vote: all......

Advising your clients in turbulent times

Advising your clients in turbulent times

Thomson Reuters | November 03, 2020

FREE WEBCAST: 2020 Year-End Planning — Advising your clients in turbulent times Year-end planning for 2020 takes place against the backdrop of COVID-19 which has......

Peer Review: Go Beyond "Pass" To Providing Client Value

Peer Review: Go Beyond "Pass" To Providing Client Value

Thomson Reuters | October 14, 2020

Peer reviews can bring major disruptions to nearly every aspect of your audit practice, with further impacts yet to be felt. For audit groups, peer......

What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Thomson Reuters | October 05, 2020

You’ve heard the term before, you’ve seen it in your day-to-day life, but what does artificial intelligence (AI) mean for tax and accounting professionals? While......

How can accounting firms work remotely – and securely?

How can accounting firms work remotely – and securely?

Thomson Reuters | October 05, 2020

How can accounting firms work remotely – and securely?Roman H. Kepczyk, CPA, CITPAlmost overnight, the coronavirus pandemic forced personnel at most accounting firms to work......

Effectively Implement Tax Planning Strategies With Clients

Effectively Implement Tax Planning Strategies With Clients

Thomson Reuters | October 01, 2020

Each year, we grind away for hours recording the tax impact of our clients’ prior-year activities. How many times have we wanted to say, “Why......

The Four Dimensions of K-1 Aggregation: A Federal Overview

The Four Dimensions of K-1 Aggregation: A Federal Overview

Thomson Reuters | September 04, 2020

The current practice of K-1 reporting has led to significant complexity and risk associated with federal, state, and international reporting requirements. This includes many that......

A Smooth Transition Into Remote Auditing

A Smooth Transition Into Remote Auditing

Thomson Reuters | August 24, 2020

In a time where most firms are now forced to perform their audits remote, Mark Edmondson, President and CEO of Thomson Reuter’s partner, Inflo, reached......

How Accountants Work From Home Successfully

How Accountants Work From Home Successfully

Thomson Reuters | May 26, 2020

Can accountants work from home?The short answer: Yes!Remote tax and accounting work is on the rise. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, CPA firms had begun......

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