Webinars: Free CPE Webinar

Join CPACharge for this month's CPE Webinar where they'll cover 8 Mistakes New Accounting Firms Make and How to Avoid Them.

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Whitepaper: Get access to all your indirect tax data for faster analytics and reporting

Sales and use tax, VAT, and GST professionals need an easy-to-use, intuitive reporting solution that gives them instant access to the data their business needs, without requiring significant technology skills. Get more from your indirect tax data and fuel corporate growth with key tax insights.

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Self-Study: Earn 14 CPE Credits and Get Tips to Master the Functions of Excel

If you want to master formulas or learn how to create and implement macros – one of Excel’s most powerful features – this 14 CPE hour bundle is just for you! Get tips and techniques to master macros and other useful spreadsheet functions. ON SALE NOW.

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Whitepaper: Mind Your KPIs

This white paper provides a set of 17 KPI formulas that every product company should be monitoring consistently such as Inventory Turnover Ratio, Picking Accuracy, Average Order Value, and Net Promoter Score. Learn how your business can create a solid foundation with the right KPIs.

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Webinars: How Firms Can Benefit from Latest Tax Policy Changes

Do you have clarity on the new tax policies coming down the pipeline? Now is the time to act on behalf of your clients before it’s too late. Join us for a FREE webinar on how you can help your tax clients through the next 12 months and beyond! Wednesday April 21 @ 12 PM EST

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Whitepaper: The Big Shift

A big shift is happening in businesses today. How will your CPA firm shift with your business clients to become stronger and more profitable? Our new white paper reveals how this big shift can be your firm’s advisory opportunity to replace declining revenue streams & strengthen client relationships.

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Self-Study: 15.5 CPE - Become a Social Security Expert and earn your RSSA Credential

Take our 5-module, online self-study course giving you Social Security and Medicare knowledge to support your clients. Upon completion of the course, you have the option to take the competency exam. When you pass, you will earn your credential as a Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA®).

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Whitepaper: The Future of Corporate Tax Management

Tax professionals spend valuable hours trying to establish where source data is located and on extensive data scrubbing, consolidating, sourcing, and adjusting. How can tax departments keep up with the demands, navigate disruptions, minimize operational risks, and deliver more value to the company?

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Webinars: How indirect tax technology can shape tomorrow's tax departments

Register for this interactive webinar and hear how our esteemed customers are using indirect tax technology to transform their business and cost centers into strategic, profitable functions. Find out lessons learned and the steps they took to drive efficiencies.

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Whitepaper: Tax Season Is Here: How to Help Ensure Success

In our white paper, Tax Season is Here: How to Help Ensure Success, our experts explore steps your firm can take today, to make this tax season your best yet. We’ve also compiled other resources to set your firm up for a successful tax season in our Tax Season Resource Center.

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