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Publishing an article with CPAdirectory offers you several benefits. It places your name in front of your peers, establishes you as an expert in a technical area and enables you to exchange ideas with your colleagues. In addition, Journal authors are eligible for CPEs, recognized for ISACA certifications under the "publication of articles, monographs and books" category of the Contributions to the Profession section of Qualifying Educational Activities.

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CPAdirectory.com is the only national public directory dedicated to serving the CPA Profession. Over the last 25 years of serving the CPA community, we have earned a tremendous reach and positive reputation in the profession by connecting CPAs to new products and services to help them grow and improve their practices. CPAdirectory provides a variety of unique marketing placements to businesses who wish to engage with CPAs. Join companies already advertising with CPAdirectory to reach over 630,000 CPAs and tax professionals.

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