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We'll show you how to add (or start) a CFO service so you can command higher fees, have recurring revenue, and have a bigger impact on your clients' lives.


Webinars: 1 CPE: How to Start a CFO Service

Grow your practice this year through CFO and business advisory services. Learn what business owners really want from a CFO/business advisory service (it's not what you think).

Webinars: Free 1 CPE Webinar: How to Grow Your Practice Through Business Advisory Services!

Attend this Masterclass, How to Grow Your Practice Through Business Advisory Services! When: Thu Feb 9 @ 3pm ET.  Learn why now is the right time to pitch your clients a business advisory service and how much you should be charging for a business advisory service.

Webinars: Free Webinar: CPAs - How to Offer CFO Services

Learn How CPAs Can Start a CFO Service That Gets Real Results. Free Webinar for CPAs on Tuesday Aug 23 @ 1pm ET. CPAs: Offering CFO services will get you big fees and great clients. Attend this webinar to learn why offering an outsourced CFO service would make sense.

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