Canopy is an accounting practice management software that simplifies your firm so you can help more clients.  Canopy’s Practice Management lets you connect every element of your practice with features ranging from CRM to task automation.  With our free Transcripts tool you can pull IRS transcripts in as little as 2 minutes.  Everything we do revolves around improving the quality of life for accounting and tax professionals. 


Education & CPE: The Guide to Updates for Tax Season 2024


With the new 2024 tax season right around the corner, are you confident that you have the tools and the information necessary to jump into the season armed with the knowledge you need?

EBook: A complete guide to finding and attracting the ideal clients

This eBook will guide you in choosing an accounting niche and understanding your ideal client profile. 

EBook: Have you protected your firm against cyber attacks?

Did you know that an estimated 2,200 cyberattacks happen per day? With the kind of sensitive financial information your accounting firm has, including clients' personal and financial data, you become a prime target for cyberattacks. 

Survey: 2023 Accounting Practice Management Survey

How Firms are Approaching Practice Management in 2023. Get the report to see how your practice compares across the industry and learn what the survey results mean for this year and beyond. 

EBook: How to Fix Email at Your Firm

Most people love to hate email. For good reason. Relying on email leads to information getting buried, documents going missing, and communication breaking down. So, how do you fix it? 

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