Guideline is the easy, affordable way to invest in your financial future. Our retirement platform automates plan administration, recordkeeping, compliance testing, investment management, and more. And gives small business owners and their employees the confidence to say yes to today and tomorrow.


Retirement: Help clients save for retirement in 2024 and beyond


With Guideline Pro, you get tools and expertise to help guide clients to a secure retirement. Plus, 4-6 month discounts for each client you sign up

Retirement: Safe Harbor 401(k): Less work and more ways to save for your clients

Safe Harbor 401(k) plans are popular — they make up 71% of Guideline’s plans — because they satisfy most IRS nondiscrimination tests. In exchange, they require a company contribution, but can provide a lot of benefits for your clients and their employees. 

Retirement: Help your clients save more on a new 401(k) with new 2023 tax credits

SECURE 2.0 is here to help improve America’s retirement system.  If your client is looking to start a new 401(k), they may be eligible to receive up to $16,500 in tax credits over the plan’s first three years to help offset initial plan costs.

Retirement: Give your clients a 401(k) they’ll love

Join Guideline for Accountants for free and get exclusive discounts you can pass through to your clients.

Retirement: Check out Guideline’s enhanced Tax Credit Calculator

Check out Guideline’s enhanced Tax Credit Calculator, which now reflects SECURE 2.0 Act tax saving provisions — a great way to show your clients just how affordable a new 401(k) can be.

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