How Accountants Work From Home Successfully

How Accountants Work From Home Successfully

Are You Running Your CPA Firm Remotely?

Can accountants work from home?

The short answer: Yes!

Remote tax and accounting work is on the rise. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, CPA firms had begun embracing the benefits of cloud-based practices, empowering their staff to perform their duties and tasks from practically any computer, tablet or mobile device. Advancements in technology have resulted in remote accounting work increasingly becoming the norm, as employee expectations and desires shift, and firms discover the benefits that exist when working outside the constraints of a traditional bricks-and-mortar office. Now, as the entire globe adapts to a new way of conducting business remotely, there are steps you can take to ensure your firm is productive and successful.

Why is it critical for accountants to be able to work from home?

For starters, it ensures your firm’s continuity, regardless of where your employees are physically located. This is important not only as more people seek a greater work-life balance but is also critical should your firm encounter an unexpected disruption like a fire, flood, or a global event like COVID-19. It is important to be prepared and be able to adapt to unexpected change.

While remote accounting work is becoming more commonplace and firms that are unable to adapt risk placing themselves at a significant disadvantage, that’s not to say that accountants’ work from home doesn’t present its share of challenges.

Building and maintaining an effective and productive work-from-home environment (whether it is temporary or permanent) involves such steps as establishing a strong infrastructure, nurturing the right culture, and ensuring a healthy work-life balance. To help you and your accounting staff succeed, here are some actionable tips and insights to help ensure your firm can keep working in every scenario.

In this new white paper, you'll learn:

  • Why accountants need to be able to work from home 
  • How to establish a strong virtual infrastructure to support remote accounting work
  • How to ensure collaboration amongst team members and clients virtually
  • What to consider for data security and internal protocols
  • How to create a work-from-home culture within your firm (including myth-busting some stale preconceptions!)
  • How to identify the best remote employees
  • How to encourage a healthy work-life balance
  • How to work in a shared home environment with your children and spouse

Get the information you need to ensure success for you, your staff and your clients.

Get a copy of this white paper now

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