When is the right time to hire offshore staff for your accounting firm?

When is the right time to hire offshore staff for your accounting firm?

Timing holds a tremendous amount of power when it comes to making strategic decisions in the business world. It's like catching a wave just at the right moment to ride it to success. When it comes to establishing your offshore accounting team, knowing the perfect time to dive in is absolutely crucial. Offshore staffing opens the doors to a whole new world of possibilities by bringing in talented professionals from around the globe to work remotely for your firm. It's like building a dream team that represents the best of what the world has to offer. By embracing offshore staffing, you can bring together a diverse group of individuals who bring unique perspectives and skills to the table.

However, the question remains: When is the right time to hire offshore staff?
- The answer is during the summer before the tax rush starts!

Why is Summer the Perfect Time to Consider Offshore Hiring for Your CPA Firm?

Many CPA firms make the mistake of waiting until fall or even winter to begin exploring offshore staffing options. However, based on extensive experience working with accounting firms all over the U.S. the ideal time to hire offshore staff is the summer.

1. Accounting Firms Gain an Edge to Onboard Offshore Staff in Advance:

The primary advantage of hiring offshore talent in advance is the opportunity to optimize the firm's operations. This advanced onboarding approach allows the offshore staff to become acquainted with their roles and responsibilities. They can familiarize themselves with the firm's systems, processes, and culture, ensuring a smoother transition when they officially join the team. This extended period of adjustment and orientation allows for the identification and subsequent resolution of any potential knowledge or skill gaps that may exist.

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

One crucial aspect of onboarding offshore staff in advance is the opportunity to establish effective communication channels and build strong working relationships. By bringing offshore staff on board in advance, accounting firms can foster a culture of collaboration and cohesion within the team. 
The early integration of offshore team members allows them to establish relationships with their onshore counterparts, build trust, and develop effective communication channels. This synergy between the offshore and onshore teams promotes seamless collaboration, efficient workflow, and a shared sense of purpose. The result is a highly functional and harmonious working environment that maximizes productivity and delivers exceptional client service.

Quick Note: 

In many instances, firms attempting to onboard suitable offshore staff often run into the problem of unintentionally recruiting people who are the wrong match, so here are the 5 points to consider while you interview your offshore staff while you hiring.

3. Training New Offshore Team Members is Crucial to your Firm's Success:

Any new firm member, whether onshore or offshore, requires a training period to become familiar with your accounting processes, systems, and client expectations. This training period is crucial to their success and your firm's performance. Onboarding offshore teams in the summer gives firms ample time to equip the freshly hired offshore team with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the upcoming busy tax season. Hence, training is essential for any new member of your firm, and it becomes even more critical when it comes to offshore accounting staff.
Know the 12 practical tips to build and manage offshore teams for accounting firms from our recently published ebook.

4. Maximize your Firm's Efficiency to achieve higher levels of Client Satisfaction:

With a well-trained offshore team in place, CPA firms can focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients without worrying about who will handle the workload. The preparation and training that firms are investing in during the summer months will ensure that the offshore staff is up to speed before the peak season hits. 
This ramp-up period will enable them to seamlessly integrate into the operations, meet deadlines, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. The months of June, July, and August provide an excellent opportunity to streamline the firm’s processes, enhance efficiency, and maintain a high level of service throughout the year. 

Author’s Guide: 

When evaluating offshore accounting partners, consider their expertise and experience as key factors. Assess their knowledge of tax regulations and compliance, And ensure their systems can handle your company's size.

Timing is Everything:

However, it's important not to rush the hiring process. Rushed decisions can lead to subpar results and potential setbacks. Take the time to carefully evaluate your accounting needs, identify the right offshore partner, and establish effective communication channels. Building a strong offshore team requires careful planning and consideration, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workforce. 

Beat the rush

Hiring offshore staff towards the end of the year, in preparation for the busy tax season, is a common practice but not necessarily the best one. Firms can beat the rush and gain priority access to qualified offshore staff by recruiting and building a team earlier during the summer months. Waiting until the last minute may result in limited access to specialized individuals, such as senior audit experts. It is essential to start early and secure top talent for your firm.

Wrap-Up Thoughts:

  • Don't wait until the last minute or rush into the decision. Use the summer months to hire and prepare your offshore team so they are ready to handle the upcoming busy tax season. 
  • Advance Offshore staffing can provide exceptional services throughout the year, meet deadlines, and increase client satisfaction. 
  • This global talent pool provides access to skilled professionals who can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your accounting firm.
  • Firms can tap into their expertise and experience, enhancing their service offerings and maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

Still, puzzled about choosing the right offshore staffing partner for your accounting firm? 

Company Overview:

Entigrity is a leading offshore staffing firm, working with 725+ CPAs and accounting firms, including over 40 of the Top 200 Accounting firms & 30+ BDO Alliance firms. We’ve helped them build their offshore team of 5-40 people successfully.

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