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Entigrity is a leading offshore staffing solutions provider to major accounting and tax firms situated across North America. We help small and mid-sized accounting business firms hire qualified and experienced offshore staff at economic costs, starting at $9 per hour, thereby helping save up to 75% on labor costs. We have served over 500+ CPAs and public accounting firms nationwide with an unmatchable — 96% client retention rate! Our clientele list comprises accounting & tax firms of all sizes ranging from solo practitioners to mid- and large- sized firms with hundreds of employees. Entigrity is headquartered in Sugar Land, TX and has 5 offshore offices located in India; 3 of them in Ahmedabad and 1 each in Mumbai and Vadodara.


Staffing: A Simple and Affordable Offshore Staffing Solution

We provide offshore staffing for all functions in accounting and tax firms, may it be for tax preparations, payroll, accounting & bookkeeping, audit, state taxes and even for administration and billing work. Hire competent, dependable staff for as little as $9 per hour. 

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Everything About Offshore Staffing and its Tremendous Benefits

Everything About Offshore Staffing and its Tremendous Benefits

Entigrity | February 17, 2021

Financial and accounting services are one of the core elements of a business organization. Thus, it is the responsibility of accounting firms and staff to......

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Staff this Tax Season

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Staff this Tax Season

Entigrity | February 09, 2021

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