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Reviewed by William S. in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Incredibly dishonest and fraudulent accountant. Stay away from Harvey Armas! I used him for a business tax return and he told me it would cost me $300 per tax return. We had to do quite a few returns. He did a very poor job on the returns and I had to get another accountant to fix all the mistakes Harvey made. Then when the bill came he charged me $500 and $600 per return. When I tried to call him to ask why he told me it would be $300 but the bills were much higher he avoided all my calls and never responded to my emails or voice mails. Then I figured I would just pay the bills a put it all behind me. I paid every one of the bills and he kept sending me more bills. He continued to send me bills that I had already paid. I called him to tell him I already paid those bills and he sounded like a senile old man on the phone who couldn't even remember who I was. He then got his son who is a lawyer to file a suit against me for bills that I have already paid. The world needs less crooks like this. Stay away from this lying cheat.