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Reviewed by Shane W. in Dallas, TX

Ms. Lee is not only an extremely intelligent & confident woman, but also a highly skilled CPA who takes an exceptional amount of pride in her both her work & her client relationships. This approach, as well as her diligence & commitment to detail, continue to exceed my expectations while also raising the bar & expectations for both her & those who work in her industry. Additionally, Ms. Lee has shown herself to be a constant & proven commodity for my company - someone both my clients & I can lean on for advice & trust to deliver in a timely manner. I fully endorse Ms. Lee's body of work, aptitude for her trade, & sustained commitment to deliver quality in areas where others - and sometimes much older accountants - have fell short. What I believe separates Ms. Lee from others I've worked with - and this is not strictly limited to the context of her niche & the accounting industry, but the professional world as well - are the intangible assets she embodies. Specifically, Ms. Lee's quality workmanship is accentuated by her refined communication skills (both with clients & colleagues), charismatic personality, & innate ability to lead & teach others. These qualities are reflected in her work & within the caliber of individuals with whom Ms. Lee manages. Ms. Lee is an excellent accountant & an even better person. I highly recommend her.