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Reviewed by Sarah G. in Temecula, CA

If I could give this CPA zero stars I would. My husband was advised in 2013 by other contractors over seas that this guy was "the best". That he "saved them a lot of money on their taxes". Now here we are in 2016 working with a new CPA and it's costing us a LOT of money to fix this giant mess we are in. Luke Fairfield advised my husband to start an SCorp in the state of Wyoming even though we live in California. Basically to circumvent the system. Now we are paying fines and back taxes galore. Oh! And we have to do our 2013 taxes all over again because he didn't include one of our children!!!! That's $1,000 owed to us right there which still doesn't make up what we owe. And P.S. we still paid a TON for 2013. Oh! And here's an even bigger kicker. I looked him up to give him this bad review and found out he was arrested this year for being involved in a nation wide drug ring. Luke Fairfield CPA has no morals and the only one he's out to help is himself. Do not ever use this person to do your taxes!!!