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Reviewed by Ann E. in Washington, DC

Tony has file my Significant Other's taxes for several years. Two years ago, he made a serious and careless mistake, which I caught and had to correct. Several years ago, he borrowed $7K from this 85 year old man, with no repayment schedule. Several months passed without a word from Tony. Onlly after I posted on a board like this did Tony contact my SO and repaid $6K and demanded the remainder in services. He always requires an upfront payment for tax preparation. This year Tony did the same. We have no heard from him from April, despite our numerous attempts to email him and telephone calls. We have already filed with the IRS to see if Tony filed my SO's taxes and used the return himself. Tony is good at spotting an easy mark and my SO was one of his targets. Tony makes my SO feel that he is Tony's friend. What a joke. Stay away from this guy.