Finance ERC

ERC SPECIALISTS - For Accountants, CPAs, Attorneys, Business Brokers, and all ERC Providers looking to secure faster Employee Retention Credit ERC/ERTC refunds for their clients, we can help. We provide immediate capital to your clients against their ERC refunds, giving them working capital today. You get paid today, they get paid today, and we get paid when the ERC check arrives, which can take up to 12+ months.

BUSINESS OWNERS - For business owners who want to receive their Employee Retention Credit refunds faster, Finance ERC offers an easy and hassle-free solution. Rather than waiting for your ERC/ERTC refund check to arrive from the IRS, which can take 12+ months, Finance ERC buys your ERC refund as soon as you file. You get paid today, and we get paid when the ERC check arrives.


Your Business: Are you still waiting for your ERC refund?

If you’ve already filed for your ERC (Employee Retention Credit) refund, and you’re still waiting for the check from the IRS, we have some great news. You may be eligible to receive your money today, instead of waiting 12+ months. 

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