Asure sees Human Capital Management (HCM) through the lens of entrepreneurs and executives with an owner’s mentality. The Asure mission is to provide Human Capital Management software and services that help companies grow, while nurturing a culture of growth around us.

Payroll can be a very sensitive topic for employees—especially if anything goes wrong on payday. To prevent mistakes, small and mid-sized businesses can better serve their employees by entrusting their back-office operations to a Human Capital Management (HCM) company. Small businesses often don’t have the in-house expertise, legal knowledge, and systems in place. It’s understandable as compliance regulations are changing faster than ever on a federal, state, and even municipal level. 

Asure is the most trusted Human Capital Management resource to entrepreneurs and CPAs everywhere.


HCM & Payroll: Why CPAs Should Partner With an HCM Company

It’s about your role as a trusted advisor. Business clients now have a greater expectation that their CPA will refer them to services to help their business grow. Learn why 72% of small business owners expect CPAs to offer HCM advice, and how 1,000s of CPAs are benefiting from referring HCM.

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