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At Paro, we empower entrepreneurial finance professionals to free themselves from the constraints of traditional employment by joining our exclusive, carefully curated network. Our proprietary AI-powered platform matches our experts with high-quality, vetted clients that need subject matter expertise to achieve specific goals. With clients who have over 100 unique finance and accounting needs, our experts are quickly matched with the perfect-fit project for their skills and interests.


Clients: CPAs: Maximize your earnings this busy season!


Paro provides flexible finance & accounting solutions to businesses via our highly vetted expert network. CPAs can earn up to $10K per month working fractionally for top CPA firms this spring. Join our network & freelance with Paro to earn more this busy season.

Clients: Work with top clients this tax season

Do you or your firm specialize in tax and audits? Qualified clients are looking for you to meet their capacity challenges during tax season. Join Paro’s network of highly vetted accounting experts and firms to gain access to new opportunities to maximize your earnings. 

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