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CPEThink.com is a leading provider of online CPE Courses for CPA professionals. Every accounting professional will be required to have a certain amount of CPE credits to retain their certification. The ultimate goal of our website is to provide state of the art interactive self-study courses for general practitioners, licensed professionals, CPA.s, and other individuals who need to take quality CPA continuing education courses that fully meet NASBA/AICPA state standards that are in place. Our CPE continuing professional education courses at CPEThink.com are much more comprehensive than courses that are offered by similar websites, and they are comparable in price as well.

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CPE Courses

How To Deliver a High Value Cash Flow Management Service to Your Existing Clients (Video)

On Demand | 1.00 Credit

The number one challenge facing small business owners today is cash flow. Running a business is stressful enough, not knowing where your cash is coming from or going is even more stressful. As their most...

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1040 Tax Workshop - 2020

On Demand | 28.00 Credits

Designed to make the practitioner comfortable with “high traffic” issues, this 1040 tax workshop enables participants to discuss and handle individual tax income essentials for 2020 and more. The course examines and explains the practical...

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1099 Independent Contractor vs W-2 Employee: Keys to Classifying Your Workers

On Demand | 2.50 Credits

IRS and State Agencies have increased their audits of workers classified as Independent Contractors. Why, because both agencies are looking for more revenue without raising taxes. Misclassification of workers by payees are an easy IRS...

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Accounting and Financial Reporting for COVID-19, the CARES Act and PPP Loans - 2021 Edition

On Demand | 4.00 Credits

The objective of this course is to review the accounting and financial reporting impacts of the economic crisis created by the coronavirus (COVID-19), and the changes made by the 2020 CARES Act including accounting for...

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5 Ways COVID-19 Will Forever Change Our Risk Thinking (Video)

On Demand | 1.00 Credit

COVID 19 has in a very short time changed the way we do business and think about risk, resilience, and disaster planning. The lessons are being written each day as we live through this global...

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