We build crypto products that are simple, elegant, and secure. Whether you are an individual or an institution, we want to help you buy, sell, and store your bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  We are committed to earning and maintaining your trust. We believe that in order to do so, we must invest in our four pillars for the long-term. Product, Security, Licensing, and Compliance are the inputs that generate a trust output.

Gemini is the crypto industry's most secure, and trusted platform. It offers an App with a number of helpful tools for new investors and advanced traders. You can buy and sell major cryptos one trade at a time, or set up recurring buys at any denomination and frequency you want.  Gemini makes it simple to research the crypto market, buy bitcoin and other cryptos, and build a portfolio for the future of money.


Cryptocurrency: Open a Gemini Account to buy Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrency: Buying and selling crypto, made simple

If you haven’t started building a crypto portfolio yet, now is a good time. We recommend Gemini to buy, sell and store crypto. It’s a simple, secure, and reliable exchange, and it offers an app with a number of helpful tools for new investors and advanced traders.

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