Mark R. Imowitz

Accountant in New York, NY

Services Offered: General Accounting Services
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About Mark R. Imowitz

Mark Imowitz is a certified public accountant located in New York, New York. Mark Imowitz is a CPAdirectory verified CPA, licensed to practice in the state of New York. The requirements for licensure in New York ensure that Mark Imowitz maintains the highest standard of knowledge and ethics when operating as an accountant. CPAs may practice as a public accountant, work in private industry, education or government, and are often considered experts in tax preparation. Their overall educational requirements and training in business and knowledge in principles of general law and taxation provide CPAs with the skills to help individuals with both personal and business financial decisions.

Mark Imowitz is licensed to practice as an accountant in New York under the license number 30176.

Accountant Details

Education and Degrees

No education details are currently available for this accountant.

Languages Spoken

Mark Imowitz provides accounting services to clients in the following language(s):

  • English

Specialties and Skills:

Contact the accountant directly to find out about learn more about their skills and specialties, since not all may be listed. All CPAs, including Mark Imowitz, have at the minimum an undergraduate degree in accounting verified by the state board of accountancy, and have passed a rigorous national exam. All certified public accountants must also adhere to mandated continuing education requirements, set by the state in which they are licensed.

  • Basic Accounting Services

Industry Specialties

  • No Industry Specialties

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Mark Imowitz has not provided any professional membership details.

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Mark Imowitz

New York, NY 10001

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Client Reviews

1 Review for Mark R. Imowitz
Reviewed by Richard S. in Woodbury, CT

Overcharges and pads his bills with unnecessary hours to complete your personal income tax returns. He charges you double if you go on extension of time to file, claiming that it was necessary to complete your tax returns twice even thought there were only four minor adjustments to already completed tax returns. When you seek assistance in regard to matters pertaining to your tax returns, you are told to handle the problem yourself. My overall experience with him in regard to my 2016 personal income tax returns was disheartening and disappointing.

Note: New York Certified Public Accountants are licensed and certified to provide independent attest services which includes the audit and review of financial statements which may be required by third parties to provide a level of assurance that the financials accurately reflect the financial condition of the company or individual. If you need accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services for your business located in or around New York, New York or you just want your individual income tax return prepared, use our search to find a local accountant.