Steven G. Sovinsky

Accountant in Redford, MI

Services Offered: General Accounting Services
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About Steven G. Sovinsky

Reviewed Financial Statements, Compilations, Personal and Entitiy Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Consulting (Closely Held Businesses and Individuals).

Accountant Details

Education and Degrees

No education details are currently available for this accountant.

Languages Spoken

Steven Sovinsky provides accounting services to clients in the following language(s):

  • English

Specialties and Skills:

Contact the accountant directly to find out about learn more about their skills and specialties, since not all may be listed. All CPAs, including Steven Sovinsky, have at the minimum an undergraduate degree in accounting verified by the state board of accountancy, and have passed a rigorous national exam. All certified public accountants must also adhere to mandated continuing education requirements, set by the state in which they are licensed.

  • Basic Accounting Services

Industry Specialties

  • No Industry Specialties

Professional Memberships

Steven Sovinsky has not provided any professional membership details.

Contact Information


Steven Sovinsky
22300 W. Warren Avenue
Redford, MI 48239

Phone Number: Click to Show
Fax Number: 313-562-9187

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Note: Michigan Certified Public Accountants are licensed and certified to provide independent attest services which includes the audit and review of financial statements which may be required by third parties to provide a level of assurance that the financials accurately reflect the financial condition of the company or individual. If you need accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services for your business located in or around Redford, Michigan or you just want your individual income tax return prepared, use our search to find a local accountant.