Social Security

Adding Social Security advisory services transforms a CPA firm

Help your clients maximize future Social Security Benefits

There is a tremendous demand for professionals that understand Social Security, but the facts are most advisors know very little about Social Security and Medicare.

As a CPA you can add a new valuable billable service to your tax practice.  Learn advanced strategies to help immigrants, widows, divorcees, self-employed, retirees and disabled individuals.  As a Registered Social Security Analyst, you can help clients potentially gain tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental Social Security income. 

How Much Do You Really Know?

Over 80 million baby boomers will be collecting Social Security – that's over 10,000 individuals a day that need real answers. When should a self-employed individual stop paying into Social Security? How does someone maximize their Social Security benefits?

Did you know that the Social Security Administration is not legally authorized to provide advice specific to an individual's circumstance? For this reason, approximately 90% of those individuals collecting Social Security do not maximize their benefits since they go directly to Social Security Administration to file without speaking with a professional advisor first. That's like your clients going to the IRS for tax advice?

Would your clients want the IRS to prepare their tax returns and determine the amount of their refund? Of course not. Your clients and prospects need YOU desperately to provide them answers that are specific to their particular situation. Factors including work history, age, health, dependents, marital status and retirement savings impact when one should start collecting.

Seize the Opportunity

The National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts, Ltd. (NARSSA) provides CPAs with access to an educational online platform to develop a core competency of knowledge related to Social Security and Medicare. Become a Social Security Analyst. You will learn how to collect your client's and their spouse's work history and apply advanced strategies unique to their situation. Upon completion of this program you will know how to use sophisticated analytical software that takes the information you collected to generate a custom written report to hand out to your clients.

The 5 course online Social Security training program is approved for continuing education by the IRS for EAs and by NASBA for CPAs.
Tax Professionals earn 10 IRS CE Credits and CPAs earn 15.5 CPE Credits (CFPs earn credits too!).

This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering Social Security advisory services as a new fee-based service to your clients.  You will learn how to use sophisticated software that generates a 24-page custom client report that you can bill your clients for.  Save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime benefits.  Help families with disabled children, immigrants, divorced and widowed clients get what they are entitled to from the government.  Help self-employed individuals maximize benefits without overpaying into the system.

Did you know over 90% of individuals collecting social security did not make the right choices to maximize their benefits?
Take advantage of this smart opportunity and get started with your training today.

Adding Social Security advisory services transforms a CPA firm