Real Estate

Investing in Opportunity Zones

Introduction to Qualified Opportunity Zones

This white paper covers advanced tax planning real estate strategies: 

  • Current real estate and political environment with implications for buyers and sellers. 
  • Real estate tax planning strategies including 1031 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts, and 721 exchanges. 
  • 721 exchanges and the “two-step transaction”. 
  • How Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds apply to capital gains realized from the sale of stock, business interest, and real estate. 
  • Interactive case studies. 

Through a powerful alignment of vertically integrated affiliates, Cantor Fitzgerald’s real estate platform offers broad access to critical market data and research, enhanced ability for diligence and underwriting, and superior deal flow enabling the ability to deliver institutional-quality real estate investments to investors.

Download this white paper to learn more the Qualified Opportunity Zone Program.  

Investing in Opportunity Zones