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General Accounting
Reviewed by andrew p. in Harrogate, NY

I had this company do a number of years of catching up with the USA tax necessities. In the last 2 years or so, I was given a replacement 'Partner', who makes no effort to correspondend when e-mails are sent, and matters of months go by without a response. I asked to be transferred to a 'Partner' who might take a more proffessional interest in my financial matters, this was not done. I asked for their accredited body who moniters their conduct & also if they had the necessary in-office complaints procedure, here is their answer: "Andrew , sorry you feel that way but it is our prerogative to decide which clients that we will work for , or not . I do not know how to file a complaint as in 45 years of working in this profession I have not done that . ty". In the meantime I had contacted: The AICPA & submitted an overall general complaint letting them know that once I had the reference number I would submit a dated, catalogued report showing e-mails sent, dates, response dates and contents. Promises made of attending to my business requirements with 6 months no communication after said promise. I had already discussed with my USA neibours the problems I had been having with Wolfson & been referred to a much more efficient & co-operative company named BrightTax. Look them up as an alternative if you need assistance.