Everything About Offshore Staffing and its Tremendous Benefits

Everything About Offshore Staffing and its Tremendous Benefits

Financial and accounting services are one of the core elements of a business organization. Thus, it is the responsibility of accounting firms and staff to perform their duty with utmost care and dedication. After understanding the weight of accounting work, some of the CPA firms in the US are adopting alternative hiring models to grow their firms.

But, what’s the offshore staff, and how it is different from outsourcing?

What is Offshore Staffing?

Foremost, you need to be clear that offshoring and outsourcing are two completely different hiring models. Offshoring stands for the relocation of business operations from one country to another in search of better growth and productivity. On the contrary, outsourcing merely means that contracting particular job to an external company located globally.

In the context of accounting, remote staffing for accounting firms refers to professional accounting companies like Entigrity that provide technical solutions to small, medium, and large corporate accounting firms. Accounting firms can delegate selected parts of their work to offshore teams or they can delegate the work of an entire department.

Entigrity is a leading offshore staffing solutions provider to major accounting and tax firms across North America. We help small and medium-sized accounting business firms hire qualified and experienced offshore staff at economic costs. Our flexible and transparent hiring model encompasses a wide pool of professionals having vast experience along with high academic credentials and skillsets.

Benefits Related to Offshore Staffing for Accounting Firms in the US

The best thing about offshore staff is that you have dedicated and qualified professionals at your beck and call. Therefore, your ability to handle bookkeeping and accounting work increased ten folds. Additionally, if you have hired offshore accounting firms from different time zones like India and the US where they have 12 hours of time difference in between them, you will be able to provide around the clock services.

If you are in the accounting industry for a long time, then you must know how hard it is to find a competent employee and how difficult it is to retain your good employees in this competitive industry.  Offshore accounting companies have support from various accounting professionals to tax experts. You just need to contact them for certain services and they will instantly provide that to you.

With this offshore staffing, accounting firms can even enhance their operational productivity and business profit. Offshoring services for businesses allows accounting firms the opportunity to easily handle the extra workload on a particular period without increasing the staff. This will offer flexibility to accounting firms that are pretty hard to achieve.

The prime idea behind offshore staffing for accounting and bookkeeping companies is to make more money by reducing back some expenses without disturbing the workflow and putting in more effort. In this hiring model, foremost you reduce some expenses by cutting down overheads like part-time wages and other departmental overheads. This offers the opportunity to accounting business owners to utilize their free time in creating marketing ideas to promote their business. By offshoring work accounting firms can increase their business profit in multiple different manners.


Offshore staffing for accounting firms can open up the box of benefits by which they can increase their profit, flexibility, productivity without putting in the extra effort. There are plenty of other non-core benefits that can even further be generated by accounting firms in the US by trusting the expertise of the offshore staff.

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