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Ask A CPA - Interest - Itemized Deduction

1. 1099-Interest slip -50% owned - Nominee Interest

2. Are Points deductible?

3. Boat loan Interest

4. Car loan Interest

5. Co-operative apartment Interest

6. Credit card interest - deductible ?

7. Early withdrawal from savings certificate

8. Home equity loan Interest

9. Interest Rates - IRS

10. Is my margin interest from my brokerage account reported to the IRS ?

11. Margin Interest

12. Mortgage Insurance Premiums deducted as Residence Interest

13. Mortgage interest - third home

14. Municipal bonds tax exempt income reporting

15. Pre-payment Penalty

16. Prepaid interest

17. Refinance - Interest expenses

18. Refinanced - Points paid

19. Should I not report the interest income that was reported on Form 1099-INT, that was incorrectly sent to me ?

20. Student Loan interest

21. Tax-exempt mutual fund interest

22. What are the IRS Interest Rates for Corporations ?

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