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Ask A CPA - Losses

1. Are the K-1 losses I incurred that were limited by the At Risk loss rules , lost ?

2. Can I claim a bad debt loss for salary that was not paid to me ?

3. Can I use my partnership passive K-1 loss to offset some of my interest income?

4. Can I use the loss I incurred on my investment property as an installment sale?

5. Capital loss carryover - married filing separate filing status

6. I know I can deduct $25,000 loss from my rental property if I have Active Participation . What is Active participation ?

7. Is the loss I incurred on the sale of my car deductible?

8. Is the loss I received on my partnership K-1 fully deductible?

9. Is the loss on my sale of my house deductible?

10. Is the reimbursement for the loss on the sale of my house due to my moving to a new job location taxable?

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