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Ask A CPA - Late Filing

1. After filing tax return - received additional tax documents

2. Can I pay my Federal Income Tax by credit card ?

3. Can the IRS assess additional tax for missing income from 5 years ago?

4. Can the IRS audit my tax return after 7 years has passed?

5. Exception to the Underestimated Tax Penalty for the current year

6. How is the IRS late filing penalty interest calculated ?

7. Is the tax return considered timely filed if received on the day it was postmarked or the day the IRS received it ?

8. Is there a penalty for the underpayment of taxes?

9. Late filing penalty - extension filed

10. Late penalty if expecting a refund and have not filed my tax return and the deadline has passed ?

11. Penalties and interest for paying and filing taxes after the due date

12. Should I file my tax return by April 15th, even if I can't pay?

13. What are the IRS Underpayment rates ?

14. What are the IRS Underpayment Rates for 2013

15. What happens if you can’t finish your tax return by its April 15th due date ?

16. When will the IRS accept a tax return as timely filed if mailed from overseas ?

17. Will the IRS ever waive penalties ?

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