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Ask A CPA - Filing Status & Requirements

1. Can I get an extension to file?

2. Common Law Marriage - Do I file joint or single ?

3. Deceased Spouse - what is my filing status?

4. Divorced in December - Do I file using joint or single filing status ?

5. Do I have to file a tax return ?

6. Does my dependent child have to file a return?

7. Head of Household - Must I File?

8. Head of Household - multiple support agreement

9. Head of household - Single with no Dependents

10. If it costs me more in taxes, why would I file married filing separately ?

11. Injured Spouse - Form 8379

12. Is there any tax benefit to delaying my upcoming wedding until next year?

13. Just married - Can I still file as single

14. Legally married - Must I file a joint tax return ?

15. Married filing Jointly - Must I File?

16. Married filing Separately - Lost Tax Benefits

17. Married filing Separately - Must I File?

18. Married with children - did not live with my spouse. Must I file Jointly

19. Must I itemize my deductions if my filing status is married filing separately?

20. My husband passed away last year , are any special return notations or forms required to indicate my husband is deceased ?

21. Separated from Spouse - Can I file as Head of Household

22. Should I include my social security when I figure gross income for the test if I should file a tax return ?

23. Single - Must I File?

24. Switch from married -filing jointly to married-filing separately

25. Tax Rate Schedule - Single Filing Status

26. Unmarried with a child - What is my filing status?

27. What is the IRS Publication that deals with Innocent spouse relief ?

28. What is the marriage penalty ?

29. When my divorce is finalized, what is my filing status?

30. Widow with a dependent child - Must I File?

31. Withholding Change - Now I'm Married

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