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Ask A CPA - Casualty Losses

1. Are my termite damage costs considered a deductible casualty loss ?

2. Are the costs associated with termite eradication deductible?

3. Business Property

4. Can I claim a casualty loss from my auto accident that totally demolished my car?

5. Casualty Loss - Cost or other basis

6. Casualty Loss - Deduction limits

7. Casualty Loss - Fair market value

8. Casualty Loss - Figuring the Loss

9. Casualty Loss - When your loss is deductible

10. Casualty Loss Deduction - the 10% Killer

11. Casualty Loss Generates a Net Operating Loss "NOL"

12. Casualty loss- Appraiser fees

13. Documenting the Proof

14. Examples of Types of Events that Qualify As a Casualty Loss

15. Hurricane Sandy - Benefits of a Federal Disaster Area Designation

16. Hurricane Sandy - Federal Disaster Area Designation - 10% killer - Will Congress act

17. I incurred a casualty loss when I was in a car accident . How much can I deduct ?

18. If I did not file a claim on a casualty loss I incurred, can I still claim a deduction on my tax return?

19. Personal Use Property

20. What relief do I get after the President declared my area a Flood disaster location?

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