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Ask A CPA - Capital Gains & Losses

1. Are stock short sales reported to the IRS ?

2. Basis for Inherited property

3. Capital Gains Tax Rates -2013

4. Capital loss carryover - married filing separate filing status

5. Cost Basis

6. Cost basis of house received at divorce settlement

7. Employee stock options

8. Form 1099-B: Cost Basis Categories

9. Goodwill - amortizable basis

10. How does the IRS know about my stock sales ?

11. Is my business bad debt limited ?

12. Is my non-business bad debt limited?

13. Is the exercise of my stock rights taxable to me ?

14. Is the gain I realized on the sale of my car taxable?

15. Is the stock I received in a stock split taxable?

16. Is the stock option I received from my company taxable ?

17. Is the total amount of the capital loss deductible?

18. Is there a time limit within to finish a tax free like kind exchange ?

19. Late December sale of stock - reportable in the current year or following year?

20. Like kind exchange - qualifications

21. Long term - Holding period

22. Long Term Capital Gains - taxed differently than wage income

23. Loss from buying and selling the same shares of stock in the same day

24. Loss on the sale of property - to family members

25. Mutual Funds - different methods of identifying

26. Prior year suspended losses - Installment method

27. Property sale - receiving payments in future years

28. Sale of inherited property

29. Sale of section 1244 small business stock - fully taxable?

30. Securities “Trader“ Losses

31. Securities Trader - “market to market” rules.

32. Selling expenses on sale of property

33. Short term stock gain - favorable lower capital gains tax rate?

34. Stock holding period - converted to another companies stock in a merger

35. Stock warrant conversion

36. Tax free like kind exchange - business inventory

37. Tax free like kind exchange - copyright

38. Tax free like kind exchange - goodwill

39. Tract of land sale - divided into lots, How do I determine the gain or loss

40. Trade date or settlement date - reporting stock sales

41. Wash Sale

42. What is a Call option, as it relates to stock and capital gains ?

43. What is a long term capital gain ?

44. What is a Put option , as it relates to stock and capital gains ?

45. What is a securities Short Sale?

46. What is a Wash Sale ?

47. What is the basis of property I received as a gift ?

48. What is the last day of the year I can sell a stock and take a loss?

49. What is the Striking Price, as it relates to stocks and capital gains ?

50. What is the tax consequence of receiving stock from my spouse as part of the divorce settlement?

51. What is the tax rate for stocks that are sold ?

52. Where do I deduct a loss on a like kind exchange of real estate ?

53. Why are my gross proceeds so high on my broker's statement?

54. Why don't my option sales appear on form 1099 ?

55. Worthless stock - 3 year or 7 year carryback

56. Worthless Stock - bad debt deduction?

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