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Ask A CPA - Educational Tax Benefits

1. 2018-Eligible educators deductions

2. American Opportunty credit partially limited - carried forward to next year?

3. Are Fellowship payments taxable?

4. Are the costs I pay for my Law Review courses deductible?

5. Are the costs of Continuing Education classes to keep my job skills sharp deductible?

6. Are the costs of my secondary teacher college courses deductible?

7. As a doctor, Refresher courses - deductible ?

8. As an attorney , can I deduct the costs of a master's law degree program ( LLM ) ?

9. Can I claim both the Lifetime Learning tax credit and a American Opportunity credit in the same tax year?

10. Can I deduct my child's college tuition ?

11. Claiming Non dependents tuition

12. College academic scholarship designated for tuition and books - taxable?

13. College courses and related Books

14. College scholarship - support for the 50% dependency support test

15. College tuition and Room and Board

16. CPA review course - deductible?

17. Do payments to my grandchild's tuition reduce the annual gift tax exclusion?

18. Education - Employer Reimbursements

19. Educational Assistance Plans

20. Employer Reimbursements - Accountable Plan

21. Employer Reimbursements - Education = Nonaccountable Plan = W-2 box 1

22. Fellowship payments - IRS Publications

23. Is the total amount I contributed to my college in exchange for football stadium tickets deductible ?

24. Lifetime Learning credit partially limited in 2013 - carried forward to next year ?

25. MBA courses - deductible?

26. Student Loan interest - 2013

27. Student Loan interest - maximum deduction and phase-out

28. Student Loan interest - tax deductible?

29. Teacher - deductible expenses

30. What is an Educational IRA ?

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