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Ask A CPA - Home Office Expenses

1. Are my home office deductions lost in the year they were limited?

2. Are travel costs deductible from my home office?

3. Can I claim a Home Office deduction ?

4. Can I claim a home office deduction for the room I set up to maintain my investments in?

5. Can I claim a home office deduction if I own a Cooperative apartment ?

6. Can I claim a home office expense?

7. Can I claim home office expenses for a day care facility?

8. Can I claim the part of my living room that has my computer as an home office deduction?

9. Can I deduct a loss on business that claimed home office deductions?

10. Can I deduct my phone charges as a home office deduction?

11. Can I deduct storage space in my basement as a home office deduction?

12. Do I lose any of my home sale exclusion if I claim a home office deduction?

13. How do I allocate indirect expenses in my home office?

14. How do I prove that the home office is used as a principal place of business?

15. I have a place of business but meet with my clients at home. Does that qualify for the home office deduction?

16. What documentation is needed to deduct a home office?

17. What expenses are deductible in my home office?

18. What is the IRS publication that explains home office expenses?

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