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Ask A CPA - Divorce & Marriage Issues

1. Alimony - still living in the same house as spouse

2. Alimony - Third Year Rule

3. Alimony and Child Support - Partial payment

4. Annulment decree payments

5. Are payments from my husband considered alimony ?

6. Can I claim my child as a dependent on my tax return , even though he lives with his divorced mother ?

7. Child's medical expenses - child lives with divorced spouse

8. Divorce agreement doesn't specify who takes the dependency deduction for child

9. Divorce, What is community property?

10. Divorced - documents to be updated

11. Divorced - Social Security card change

12. Divorced in December - Do I file using joint or single filing status ?

13. Do I always get to deduct the total gross amount of my itemized deductions ?

14. Form 8332 - Claiming children for a Noncustodial parent

15. Form 8379 - Injured Spouse relief

16. How can I claim for innocent spouse relief ?

17. How do I collect child support from my divorced husband ?

18. I am legally married . Must I file a joint tax return ?

19. I choose not to deduct alimony payments, can my ex- spouse not report the income?

20. I got married during the year. Can I still file as single for this year?

21. I have been living with my spouse in a common law marriage for the past 3 years . Do I file my tax return using the filing status of joint or single ?

22. I receive both alimony and child support for my children . Is either payment taxable ?

23. If I file as Married Filing Separately, are there any tax benefits that will be lost ?

24. If I filed joint estimates during the year with my spouse , am I required to file jointly with her ?

25. If I live with my girlfriend and support her, can I claim her as a dependent ?

26. If I pay child support , will I be entitled to claim the child as a dependent on my tax return ?

27. If it costs me more in taxes , why would I file married filing separately ?

28. Is my husband's IRA that I received at the divorce settlement taxable to me?

29. Is my spouse entitled to a share of my 401(k) retirement account when I get divorced?

30. Is my state a "community property" state ?

31. Is there a deadline in which a person can select the Innocent Spouse Relief election ?

32. Is there a minimum payment period for Alimony ?

33. Is there any tax benefit to delaying my upcoming wedding until next year?

34. Is there any tax paid on the transfer of the house to my wife?

35. Is there any way I can prevent my IRA from being shared with my spouse during a divorce?

36. Just married - Social Security number change

37. Legal fees associated with divorce

38. Married with children, did not live with my spouse. Do I have to file a joint tax return?

39. My parents are divorced. Which parent is responsible for filing out the FAFSA form?

40. Property settlement from divorce settlement - taxable?

41. Separation of debts - what type of paperwork is needed?

42. Social Security - Ex-Spouse Benefits

43. Social Security - Remarry: Survivor benefits

44. Sole custody of children after divorce - custody after death

45. Tax consequence of receiving stock from spouse as part of a divorce settlement

46. What does community property mean?

47. What is a Alimony Trust?

48. What is a prenuptial agreement ?

49. What is a QDRO, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order ?

50. What is a subpoena ?

51. What is Innocent Spouse relief ?

52. What is the cost or basis of assets transferred from one spouse to another at a divorce settlement ?

53. What is the IRS Publication that deals with Innocent spouse relief ?

54. What is the marriage penalty ?

55. When can a child decide which parent he or she will live with and whether they will visit the other parent ?

56. When I get my divorce, should I notify credit card companies?

57. When I get divorced , will I lose my Medicare coverage ?

58. When I get my divorce , do I need to notify the IRS ?

59. When my divorce is finalized, what is my filing status?

60. Why does my ex- spouse include my social security number on his tax return?

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