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Ask A CPA - Estate Planning

1. How can my children save taxes on the proceeds of an IRA they received as a beneficiary of my deceased spouse ?

2. IRA - Inherited Rollover

3. Is my husband's IRA included in his Gross Estate?

4. My spouse died during the year. What filing status do I use to file my income tax return?

5. Probate and Non-probate Assets

6. What is a Alimony Trust ?

7. What is a Charitable remainder trust ?

8. What is a Discretionary trust ?

9. What is a Dynasty Trust ?

10. What is a QTIP Trust ?

11. What is a Revocable Trust ?

12. What is an A-B Trust ?

13. What is an Estate plan ?

14. What is an Real Estate Investment Trust ( REIT ) ?

15. What is community property?

16. What is income in respect to a decedent ?

17. What is joint tenancy ?

18. What is Tenancy by the entirety ?

19. What is Tenancy in common ?

20. Will a transfer of assets to an Inter Vivos Irrevocable Trust automatically create a 60 month period of ineligibility for Medicaid ?

21. Will my $14,000 gift to my grandson effect my Medicaid eligibility ?

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