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Ask A CPA - Affordable Care Act - Small Biz

1. Do all employers have to offer health care to their employees?

2. Do employers have to notify their employees about the new insurance exchanges?

3. How do I claim the Business Health Care Tax Credit?

4. How is Additional Medicare Tax paid on the tips?

5. Is an employer liable for Additional Medicare Tax?

6. Is an employer required to notify an employee when it begins withholding Additional Medicare Tax?

7. Is there an “employer match” for Additional Medicare Tax

8. Is third party sick pay used in the calculation of the $200,000 threshold?

9. What is SHOP?

10. What is the cadilac tax on high-cost health plans?

11. What is the definition of a full-time employee?

12. What is the penalty for Large employers who do not comply?

13. What types of benefits will be covered in the new health plans?

14. When must an employer withhold Additional Medicare Tax?

15. When must the employer withold additional medicare tax?

16. When using EFTPS do I separate Additional Medicare Tax from regular Medicare tax?

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