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Ask A CPA - Affordable Care Act - Individuals

1. Are the benefits the same in each state?

2. Are there any exceptions to having to get health insurance coverage in 2016?

3. Are wages that are not paid in cash, such as fringe benefits, subject to Additional Medicare Tax?

4. Can child employees be covered under their parents plan?

5. Can I be refused Medicaid medical insurance if I have a pre existing condition?

6. Can I be refused medical insurance if I have a pre existing condition?

7. Can I get dental coverage in the Marketplace?

8. Do I qualify for Medicaid?

9. Do Marketplace insurance plans cover mental health and substance abuse services?

10. Does the Net investment Income Tax apply to Estates and Trusts?

11. How do I figure if i am entitled to a subsidy?

12. How is the increased Medicare taxes on high-income taxpayers calculated?

13. Is there a new government run insurance plan?

14. Net Investment Income Tax on

15. What are my birth control benefits?

16. What are my health coverage options if I’m unemployed?

17. What are the different options of getting health insurance?

18. What if I can't afford health insurance?

19. What if I currently have COBRA coverage?

20. What is the government website to buy health care insurance?

21. What is the IRS website with information on the Affordable Care Act?

22. What is the penalty for not having health insurance in 2016?

23. What is the US Department of Labors website?

24. When did the Afordable Care Act come into existence ?

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