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Ask A CPA - Most Asked Questions

1. Can I deduct the interest and real estate taxes I paid for my adult child who has been out of work?

2. Can I income average this year?

3. Can I postpone the tax on the gain on the sale of my house if I buy another home within a year?

4. How do I get a copy or transcrpit of my prior year tax return?

5. Online Payment options - Installment Agreement

6. Sale of Assets or Sale of Stock?

7. What is a 1099-C and why did I receive this?

8. What is the phone number to find the status of your Federal tax refund?

9. When can I file my 2016 tax return?

10. Where do I deduct the $15,000 gift I gave my child to pay some bills on my tax return?

11. Where's My Federal Refund

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