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Ask A CPA - Self-Employment Taxes

1. Are the earnings from Consulting subject to SE Tax?

2. Are the royalties I received for writing a book subject to self-employment taxes ?

3. As a self-employed individual , how long should I keep my records ?

4. Do I Have to pay S.E. Tax even though I receive Social Security benefits?

5. I receive Social Security, do I still have to pay self-employment tax?

6. Is a babysitter a Sole Proprietor and subject to SE Tax?

7. Is Foreign Earned income subject to SE tax?

8. Is my Ordained Minister earnings subject to SE Tax?

9. Self Employement Tax calculation - 2013

10. What income is not subject to SE tax?

11. What is self employment tax?

12. What is the Self Employment tax rate in 2013 ?

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