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Ask A CPA - Alimony

1. 2018-Alimony Deduction

2. Alimony and Child support - Partial payment

3. Are my Alimony payments deductible even though I still live in the same house as my spouse?

4. Are payments made under an annulment decree deductible?

5. Are the payments I am receiving from my husband considered alimony ?

6. I am divorced , but still live in the same house as my ex-wife because we have two young children . Are the alimony payments I make to her deductible?

7. I collect alimony payments. Can I make an IRA contribution?

8. If I choose not to deduct alimony payments, can my ex- spouse not report the income for that year?

9. Is there a minimum payment period for Alimony?

10. Is there a tax problem if I do not pay her Alimony in the third year after our divorce?

11. The basics of Alimony

12. What is an Alimony Trust?

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