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Ask A CPA - Dividends

1. Do I have to file Schedule D if my only capital gains are my Form 1099-Div capital gains?

2. Do I have to pay tax on reinvested dividends ?

3. How are liquidating dividends reported and taxed?

4. How do I report dividends I received from my credit union ?

5. Is the amount listed on Form 1099-DIV box 5 for fund expenses deductible ?

6. Is the amount listed on Form 1099-DIV box 6 , foreign taxes deductible ?

7. Is the conversion of my convertible bond to common stock a taxable transaction?

8. Should I report the dividend income that was incorrectly reported to me on Form 1099-DIV?

9. What year is the Mutual fund dividend I received in December and paid in January taxable ?

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