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Temporary & Permanent Tax & Accounting "Cloud" Staffing Solutions

Tired of the Tax Crunch Every Year? Are You Short Staffed?

Introducing TAXtemp® Remote Staffing – Accountants, Tax Preparers & Bookkeepers for Tax, CPA & Accounting Firms

Trained Remote Staff with the Skills You Need

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Your tax and accounting business is no longer limited by the size of your office. Take on as much work as you can get – your TAXtemp dedicated staffer will do the work. Hire one or as many staffers as you need. If you need extra staff for tax season – just hire a TAXtemp staffer for 6 months. BUT we think you will be so happy with this staffer you will never want them to leave. There are NO extra fees or commissions to pay should you want to keep them permanently all year. Now you can hire a full-time temporary or permanent qualified accountant or tax professional starting at about $10/hour. There are no employee benefits and payroll taxes to pay. Yet this person will work exclusively for you under your direction, knows the software you use, and they never will speak to your clients. They work 50 hours a week just for YOU – give them as much work as you want! You speak with the clients and they crank out the work. Awesome concept!!

IMPORTANT: This is NOT Outsourcing – Client Data Files NEVER Leave Your Office!

With TAXtemp Staffing:

  1. HIRE TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT STAFF – You interview them and review their resume as you would any local employee
  2. SAVE ON LABOR COSTS – Full-time 50 hours a week for temporary or permanent staff
  3. SECURE – NO DATA OR CLIENTS' FILES LEAVE YOUR OFFICE – No printing of files can be done from remote location
  5. YOU DECIDE WHAT THIS PERSON WORKS ON – THEY WORK EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU UNDER YOUR DIRECTION – You can skype, phone, text or email with this person as often as you want because they are working exclusively for you 50 hours a week
  6. NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS – We guarantee your satisfaction and will replace any staffer with another